BBA Department

The students are offered interdisciplinary courses in B.BA.-I, B.BA.-II, B.BA.-III subjects from different departments. The department has offered annual programme for B.BA. classes before 2014 but after the implementation of RUSA in July, 2014 the department has adopted semester/choice based credit system for B.B.A. in 2014-15.The students of BBA have taken different subjects from other department. The faculty of this department is taking the classes of other departments in Compulsory and GI & Hobby subjects.


Dr. S.K. Chawala


Mr. P. S. Chandel

Number of teaching posts.

Post Sanctioned Filled
Professors Nil Nil
Associate Professors Nil Nil
Assistant Professors 5 5

Faculty Profile

Ms. Kiran BalaM. Com., UGC-NETAssistant Professor
Ms. Richa Sharma MBAAssistant Professor
Ms. Anjali KaundalMA-Eco., MBAAssistant Professor
Mr. Vijay KuamarM. Com., M.Phil.Assistant Professor
Ms. Monika PathaniaMBAAssistant Professor