Mathematics Department

The students (Undergraduate-B.A./B.Sc…I, B.A./B.Sc..II, B.A./B.Sc..III) are offered interdisciplinary courses in B.A./B.Sc. 1st Sem. as minor, compulsory and hobby subjects from different departments.The department has offered annual programme for B.A./B.Sc. classes before 2013 but after the implementation of RUSA in April, 2013 the department has adopted semester/choice based credit system for B.Sc. Ist sem. only. The students of Physics department have taken different subjects from other department. The faculty of this department is taking the classes of Commerce department.

Number of teaching posts.

Post Sanctioned Filled
Professors Nil Nil
Associate Professors 2 2
Assistant Professors 2 1

Faculty Profile

Dr. Trilok PhD.Associate Professor
Mr. P.S Thakur. M.Phil.Associate Professor
Dr. Ranju Bhenot. PhD.Assistant Professor