IQAC Committee

1. Dr.S.K.ChawlaPrincipal Chairperson
BThree Members From the College
1.Prof. Sanjay Verma Department of Music(Vocal) Member
2.Prof. Ravi Raj Department of English Memberr
3.Prof.Swaran Singh Department of computer Science Member
CExperts From Outside
1.Sh. J.N. Prasher Retired Professor Member
2.Karam Singh Guleria Eminent Citizen Member
DDirector (IQAC)
1.Prof.Rajinder Kumar Sharma Department of Economics Member-Secretary
EOther Faculty Members/IQAC Broad based
1.P.S.Chandel Department of Pol. Science
2.Prof.Indu Verma Department of Music(I)
3.Prof.Trilok Department of Mathematics
4.Prof. S.K.Bansal Department of History
5.Prof. Satdev Department of Physics
6.Prof.Darshan Dhiman Department of Chemistry
7.Prof.Ashwani Patel Department of Zoology